Challenge Commitment
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Data Center Energy Intensity Goal Achieved
20%Reduction in Water Intensity

Intuit is a financial software company with a commitment to revolutionizing the way people manage their personal finances, run small businesses, and pay employees. Its flagship products - QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint - are used by 37 million customers across the globe.

As a Better Buildings Challenge Partner, Intuit has committed to reducing non-IT energy use at its 4 Megawatt data center located in Quincy, Washington by 20% over a 10 year period ending in 2024. The 231,280 square foot facility, which was commissioned in 2008, functions solely as a data center, but does feature support areas such as staff offices, a shipping and receiving center, electric distribution rooms, and a chilled water plant. It was designed as a raised floor data center with 40,000 square feet of whitespace, but currently only 20,000 square feet has been built out. This space is split between two data halls with the server racks arranged in hot and cold aisles, and adjacent galleries for power and cooling on either side. Cooling is performed using a central chiller plant that includes a water side economizer. The Quincy facility has a very low carbon footrpint due to sourcing 89 percent of its energy from hydropower. Currently Quincy's power usage effectiveness is 1.35 and the site has an ENERGY STAR score of 98 out of 100.

Intuit plans on achieving its energy reduction goal by focusing on efficient server cooling strategies, and has already made progress by adding containment chimneys over hot aisles and adjusting the chilled water temperature set points. All of the energy consumed at the Quincy facility comes from renewable sources - either hydroelectric or wind - and Intuit is continuously looking new approaches to help achieve its sustainable vision.