Fort Worth, TX


Challenge Commitment
20Million Square Feet (Energy)
5.7Million Square Feet (Water)
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity16%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)
20%Reduction in Water Intensity

Settled in 1849 where the West begins, Fort Worth, Texas, is the nation’s 16th-largest city and growing rapidly. The city of cowboys and culture blends its rich history with a forward-looking vision of a more sustainable future that honors and balances concerns for environment, equity, and economy.

The City of Fort Worth’s Resource Conservation Program dates back over thirty years to its Municipal Energy Management Plan, a response to the 1970s energy crises. This commitment has expanded to include Fort Worth's Community Partnership with the Better Buildings Challenge. As part of the partnership, Fort Worth is sharing its insights and best practices with the DOE and communities across the country. Fort Worth continues to use performance contracting to better manage local energy, water, and funding resources while improving the performance of their buildings. Fort Worth seeks to address broader energy concerns in the community, including transportation and water services. As part of its efforts, the city has developed a central education and outreach link within the community and is updating its energy management plan.