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ArcelorMittal USA, a partner in the U.S. DOE’s Better Plants program, is one of the largest steel producers in the world, employing more than 18,000 workers in the U.S. alone. The company serves many critical areas of the U.S. economy—from automotive manufacturing to construction.

Energy is critical to steel production, and is the second biggest cost in ArcelorMittal USA’s steelmaking process behind raw materials. Consequently, the responsible use of energy is a key business tenet for the company, one that is embedded in its sustainability framework. In 2013, the company was the first steel company to join the US DOE Better Plants program with 17 of its U.S. plants. ArcelorMittal USA was also the first steel company to win Energy Star Partner of the Year (2008) and the Sustained Excellence in Energy Management award (2010–2013).



ArcelorMittal’s plant in Cleveland, Ohio reaps diverse benefits from instituting the 50001 Ready energy management system (EnMS).  50001 Ready supported the plant’s continued energy performance improvement and related cost reductions and also reinforced the commitment by plant management to pursue energy efficiency projects over time. One outcome from use of the 50001 Ready Navigator tool is that ArcelorMittal has revised its procurement procedures to extend energy efficiency requirements to low-cost items. In addition, 50001 Ready increases ArcelorMittal’s already strong business value because it enhances the company’s appeal to key customers that have adopted ISO 50001 or are expecting excellence in energy management from their key suppliers.

Management and employees at the Cleveland plant also view 50001 Ready as a key strategy for maintaining its high-caliber, well-trained workforce. Implementation of the 50001 Ready EnMS helps ensure the continuity of energy management practices as key staff retire or leave the company. In addition, 50001 Ready will be used as a training platform for new staff to help them learn how to continuously monitor energy performance and recommend energy improvements.

Implementing a 50001 Ready Energy Management System

  • 50001 Ready Implementation: Four months to complete the 50001 Ready program and get recognized by US DOE.
  • Energy team: 50001 Ready formed a robust and committed energy team consisting of the corporate engineering division manager, the communications group, and representatives from each operating unit (usually personnel from electrical maintenance). Additional staff was consulted as needed. In total, implementation of 50001 Ready brought together at least 15 staff members.
  • Energy performance modeling: ArcelorMittal USA’s Cleveland plant uses US DOE recommended best practices to measure its energy performance. It conducts regression analysis on its energy and production data using the Energy Department’s Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) Tool.
  • Keys to success: The ArcelorMittal energy team shared some of their key findings and tips: (1) Review all tasks before diving in to be sure you understand the process. (2) Develop your approach to each task, noting specific resources and skill sets required. (3) Line up all needed resources and personnel early to make sure they are ready to engage as required. (4) Communicate your successes and activities internally.


Achieving 50001 Ready recognition from US DOE has further elevated the importance of energy efficiency within ArcelorMittal’s plant leadership. While the Cleveland plant has always been able to identify worthwhile energy-saving projects, securing capital through competitive internal channels can be challenging. Due in part to the implementation of 50001 Ready, the plant is already pursuing four new energy projects this year.

 “We pursued 50001 Ready for ArcelorMittal Cleveland to recognize and further improve our existing energy management system. It provides a structural framework to evaluate the energy management program and to find any potential pitfalls. Seeking recognition focuses on significant energy uses and encourages facilities like ours to devise methods to be more energy efficient, engaging new partners and staff," explained Rishabh Bahel, energy manager at ArcelorMittal Cleveland.

"Many of our automotive customers are ISO 50001 certified and have highly accomplished energy management programs in place; thus getting this designation makes ArcelorMittal Cleveland more competitive in the marketplace. We are proud that our plant was the first ArcelorMittal facility to take on the challenge and be recognized as 50001 Ready.”

Key Takeaways

50001 Ready supported ArcelorMittal USA in developing a practice of energy management across all employee levels, which helped raise awareness of its energy management activities both internally and externally. This will help the plant get approvals for implementing more energy-saving capital projects in the future. Subsequently, this will help the plant, and company, meet and sustain its energy intensity reduction goal for the Better Plants program. Implementing 50001 Ready has also resulted in process and safety improvements. For example, moving to energy efficient lighting both saves energy and improves safety by increasing lighting levels.  Even though ArcelorMittal has a long history of commitment to improving facility energy performance, the plant uses the 50001 Ready Navigator tool to gain a broader energy perspective and pursue a more systematic approach in the mold of ISO 50001.

Since 50001 Ready is a self-attestation program, ArcelorMittal USA’s Cleveland plant was able to pursue it at their own pace and with internal staff, whereas pursuing ISO 50001 certification is more rigorous.


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Cleveland, Ohio

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3.8 million ton of steel/year, 923 acres 1880 employees

ArcelorMittal plant - 50001 Ready Facility 2018