The Individuals Taking Energy Action in Manufacturing Prize

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Individuals Taking Energy Action in Manufacturing (ITEAM) prize competition is designed to:

  1. Incentivize and recognize individuals who are responsible for energy savings at their manufacturing facilities; and
  2. Attract attention to a wide range of ideas and practices that are driving measureable energy savings in at U.S. manufacturing plants to encourage innovation at other facilities.

Through the prize, DOE is seeking to recognize and bring attention to employees on the plant floor all around the country who not only recognize the importance of saving energy, but are making it happen, strengthening their company’s competitiveness and driving cost savings in the process. By sharing successful strategies and examples of leadership, manufacturers can drive energy productivity improvements and accelerate the adoption of energy efficient technologies. Through this prize competition, DOE is seeking to recognize leaders who are responsible for creative, specific, and innovative projects to drive measureable energy savings in their manufacturing plants. Applications will be evaluated on demonstrated energy savings, with additional credit being given for successful strategies to engage other workers on the manufacturing floor. Energy efficiency is contagious; through this prize, DOE will recognize their leadership and amplify the success of their projects.

The application will become available online on November 1, 2018.