Scaling Up Clean Energy Programs to the Next Level for Low and Moderate Income Households (Slides)

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Currently, only a small fraction of low and moderate income households can access comprehensive home energy upgrades, and much less still are able to access renewable energy. Yet, these households pay on average 3 times as much as a percentage of their income on energy bills. Innovative use of public subsidy and program models that can attract and leverage private sector investment are creating solution to reach the large number of households that need it the most. State and nonprofit leaders in Colorado and Connecticut will discuss their policy and program efforts to achieve scale in this underserved market. As part of the Clean Energy for Low Income Communities Accelerator (CELICA), DOE is working with partners like Colorado and Connecticut to scale up clean energy programs for LMI communities. This was a presentation at the Better Buildings 2017 summit. 

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Better Buildings Clean Energy for Low Income Communities Accelerator